Tired of Worry? Then You Need to Find a Way to Make Money Online!

by Affiliate Manager on June 23, 2011

I know what were you can do to you. I’ve done a lot of it myself! What were the results of all that worry? We now let me count the ways. I’ve gained a LOT OF WEIGHT! Now I’m struggling to get rid of the excess weight. I’ve been sleeping badly, and have health problems that make sleep more difficult. I’m working on that too. And I have hypertension which is caused some serious problems. It has caused a little bit of kidney damage.

It even caused me to have a stroke! Fortunately I don’t have any major residual difficulty because of the stroke. And I’m functioning quite well.

I hope worry isn’t causing you problems as big as mine. It will still cause problems with relationships, especially with your spouse. When my wife has been worried about where the next penny is coming from, her worry doesn’t help my state of mind at all. She’s a good lady, and I’m amazed that she has stuck with me. I am most fortunate to be married to her!

Have you tried to make money online? You’re probably scratching your head wondering why it isn’t working as well for you as it does for the teenagers who seem to just make it happen. I think I know the reason for that one. We adults over analyze things. Were not subsidized by our parents, so we worry about the money. If something doesn’t work for the teen, he just shrugs it off and keeps going.

The tension we generate in ourselves gets in the way of doing things right. That concept of “doing things right” is what gets in our way. That is the attitude of perfectionism. We need to remember that “the enemy of good enough is better.”

Are my blog posts perfect? Heavens no! Are they good? I hope so. Are they good enough? We’ll see.

The most successful people in business folder rule of “Fail Fast” and aren’t worried about whether things are perfect. Their motto is “Ready, Fire, Aim.” They get something going, and shove it out the door. If it fails the examiner why it failed, change it, and shove it out the door again.

When Thomas Edison decided to make an electric light bulb, he took on the project, and figured out that the biggest problem arose in making a filament for the light that would glow bright enough, and last long enough. He tried thousands of potential materials for the filament before he found one that would work.

When someone chatted with him about his efforts, and called his thousands of experiments that didn’t work a failure, he corrected the individual. He insisted they were not failures, but simply thousands of things that didn’t work which he was able to list and not repeat. An experiment that doesn’t work is a lesson, not a failure.

If you’re determined to make things work, you’ll find a way. And after a long list of things that didn’t work, you’ll be an instant, overnight success.

When you really get the history of people who have overnight success, you discover that they’ve put a tremendous amount of effort into their projects over a substantial length of time.

Fail fast! Fail forward! Just do it!

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brian abel July 27, 2011 at 2:49 pm

HI KEN, just been reading some of your blogs and just want to say I found it interesting reading, I’m on the same ISS program as you and so far its going pretty good though no money as yet but hopefully……Keep up with the writing and wishing you every success.


Affiliate Manager August 1, 2011 at 6:32 pm

Thanks! I wish you well too!


Affiliate Manager August 22, 2011 at 8:32 pm

Thanks for your good wishes. I wish you well. Have you signed in? Please do so if you haven’t.


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